Feedback about the new solid cologne formulations

rustic western solid cologne Feedback has been rolling in for the reformulated solid colognes, and we're happy to hear that it sounds like we have a solid (har har) success on our hands!

If you got one of our solid cologne reformulated testers, please let us know what you think, good and bad, in the comments! We're a very democratic company and want you to be happy!

Thank you!

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Katie Mac

Got the Gambler. Scent did seem to last longer than the other solid cologne from here, but it’s really hard to tell because you get used to it. I couldn’t smell it on myself after a few hours, but that doesn’t bother me. It’s probably not meant to last all day. I had a few friends smell it from the tin and they loved the scent.

Audrey Heintz

We got the Blazing Saddles and it’s awesome. The scent is great and stays very well. It’s not overpowering, but is noticeable. The formulation is smooth and easy for him to use. Love it!

Michael Cuffe

Got the reformulated Gambler. The scent does last much longer. After a long day, I can still detect it on my wrists. If this is how it will be…I don’t see why I would ever buy anything else.


I got Fire In The Hole. The scent definitely lasted way longer than it did with the previous version. I rub mine on the inside of my wrists and anytime I have my hands near my face I can smell it. It lasts my whole workday and I love that! This formulation is a keeper.

Ruben Armstrong

Tried the fire in the, awesome smell. Just not very strong and didn’t last long compared to the other scents. Hair of the dog soap has a little medicine smell which makes you feel better after one to many the night before.