Feedback about the new solid cologne formulations

rustic western solid cologne Feedback has been rolling in for the reformulated solid colognes, and we're happy to hear that it sounds like we have a solid (har har) success on our hands!

If you got one of our solid cologne reformulated testers, please let us know what you think, good and bad, in the comments! We're a very democratic company and want you to be happy!

Thank you!

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Ken St John

Thought I had already left something … I like the new formulation of Blazing Saddles. Seems a bit more distinctive (“stronger”) than the original. Seems to last a bit longer as well. FWIW I asked my wife to try both (in the tin) and choose her favorite. She chose the new one.

Thanks for letting me try it out!!


Rodney Ramsey

Porn approved! Smells good and lasts…😁