Whiskey Flavored Lip Balm

Lick your lips for the luscious and lively flavors of Outlaw's new lip balms!

Just in time for Winter chapped lips, we've got some lip lickingly luxurious and delicious new flavors of a lip balm by Outlaw! (say that five times fast!)

Each flavor tastes like Outlaws kisses, no matter what kind of outlaw you are.

Whiskey Business

You love a good Jack and Coke... But we don't have the trademarks for either of those brand names, so let's just call it whiskey and cola.

The Kentucky Mule

This spicy and sweet combination of ginger beer, lime, and bourbon is sure to have you smacking your lips and looking around for [your nearby beloved] to kiss.

Whiskey a Go-go

Ever sneak a little whiskey in your coffee in the mornings? If that's the flavor of your happiness, then we have your happiness in a single lip balm. (No work-compromising activities needed.)

Outlaw on the Rum

Yo ho, yo ho a pirate's life for you! This delicious lip balm tastes like rum and cola -- It's the perfect finishing touch to your lifelong Captain Jack Sparrow impression.

Holiday Cheer!

This is the beautiful seasonal flavor of mulling spices. So if you love a good mulled wine, you should mull over purchasing this delicious lip balm. (See what I did there?)

These delicious wonders will be available in the first few week of October. Don't want to miss 'em? Sign up for stock notifications: https://liveoutlaw.com/products/outlaw-lip-balms

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Anita weichert

I have ordered your list I’m the dust soap and love it. Also the calamity Jane such a creamy not greasy lotion Lovin it and the smell. I’d like to order the 5 lip balm of liquor flavors. Pre order please

George Arnott

This sucks ! Your always out of things !

Tina Bennett

I absolutely love your creativity, and the product. I will order these soon. 🙂