Scent of forest pine for men and women

Experience the changing seasons in the Cascades with our new Life on the Mountain Handmade Soap Subscription. You'll be surrounded by the rich wonderful scents of a hike in the Cascades through all four seasons.

Every three months, you'll get three bars of the seasonal soap for Life on the Mountain.

This season, we're bringing you Fall with the scent of damp earth, pine forest, and a hint of mossiness.

Winter brings frost in the air, the delightful scent of pine sap and the woodiness of pine cones, a distant hearth warming a cabin, and a spicy touch of clove.

Spring is the season of explosive growth in the forest. New life is sprouting from every single possible place: Grass! Lush greenery! Leaves! The scent of rain on the pines.

Summer's hot breezes whisper through the trees, echoing the rush of the rivers that run through the Cascades. You smell the pine, the nuts and pine cones, and even a touch of cedar.

With the Life on the Mountain Soap Subscription, you'll be transported... one shower at a time.

Subscribe today and begin your adventure:

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