Outlaw whiskey and rum flavored lip balm

If you're one of the wise Outlaws eagerly anticipating the new Outlaw alcohol flavored lip balm, I have good news and I have bad news:

The Good News

We're getting MORE lip balm in stock very soon, since the first batch sold out in about 3 hours.

And when products sell that fast, we take notice!

When we're doing our job, our decisions around the Outlaw HQ are based on cold, unforgiving math. This means that no matter how much we love a scent [cough] Mountain Hideout [cough], if it's not selling fast enough, we have to discontinue it. (more on that and Life on the Mountain in a separate post)

So when the math works out for a product (30 lip balm 5-packs per hour is what we call "velocity" around here), we know we've got lightning in a bottle (or in a tube, as it were).

To all of you who missed out on the first batch (and I know there are a lot of you), rest assured that this is actually a good thing, because it means that we're 100% definitely going to get more.

The Bad News

We did, in fact, oversell the first batch, because our inventory system couldn't keep up with that velocity.

This is a "good problem to have," as we also say in "the business." But I've never really agreed with "good problem to have" when the result is unhappy customers. If it's a problem for YOU, it's not "a good problem" for me to have.

So we've placed a rush order for some lip balms to satisfy the oversold orders, but then it'll be a minute before they go back in stock for everyone who didn't order yesterday.

And by "a minute," I mean 2 - 3 weeks.

Incidentally, if you're curious where these are made, it's the same hot-pour experts who make our deodorant! They're an awesome company in Bend, Oregon run by a dear friend of mine. She and I started our businesses in 2013, so we're kind of business twins! It's really cool to be able to get both our highly effective, natural deodorant, and, now, our booze-flavored natural lip balms from her!

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Steve Dunn

Need refill soap.blazing saddles and gambler.lip balm too .call 970-768-6462. Thanks Tex.

Eric Ekstrand

I also love mountain hideout, I have a bar of the soap and spray cologne.