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Announcing the May Soaps of the Month!

If you're one of the many people asking for a re-release of Mountain Hideout handmade soap, this is your moment of triumph!!!

Not only have we made a batch of Mountain Hideout handmade soap, we've also made a Spring-inspired (Springspired? sure, that works!) version of Life on the Mountain, our forest-inspired seasonal soap!

You can only get these great scents in our subscriptions:

The Essential Outlaws Subscription Box

Everything you need to make a clean getaway! It includes the two soaps of the month, lotion, cologne, and an air freshener.

Build-your-own-subscription Box

If you'd like to pick the Outlaw loot you need, this is your perfect builder!

The Soap of the Month

Want two bars of our famous handmade soap? We'll deal ya into our Soap of the Month subscription!

We're going to keep doing interesting and exciting things with our subscriptions, like making opportunities for YOU to decide on the scents (if you want to watch me working on June's scents, I made a TikTok video).

Ready to vote on July's scents? Tell us which scents you'd like us to make here

Why are these soaps limited to subscriptions? It's because subscriptions are a big part of our little business, so the better our subscriptions, the better our overall business. It also helps us plan production and limit the amount of unsellable inventory, which is a huge cash issue for a little business like ours.

I always try to be as forthright with you as possible about our business decisions, since you're an important part of what makes Outlaw Outlaw. When we make better business decisions as Outlaw, everyone benefits, because we get to stay in business longer. 🤩

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