Limited Edition "Hair of the Dog" Whiskey and Coffee Cologne

Pre-Order and Save 20%, shipping the week of May 29, 2022

A couple weeks ago, someone following us on TikTok asked when we'd make Hair of the Dog spray cologne.

It wasn't the first time we received this request... in fact, it wasn't the first, second, third, or twentieth... we've gotten the request a lot over the years.

Which is why, when I saw the comment, I finally (yet deliberately) walked out to Jake (our Director of Operations, who actually has to work with the team to make this happen) and said, "Hey, if we made like 20 of these little bottles of Hair of the Dog cologne, would that be too big of a deal?"

Jake was willing to give it a try (he's a good guy like that) and he mixed up one bottle for me to wear.

Ma friens, this is FIIIIINE cologne. I've been wearing it all day. At first, it smelled like that distinctive bourbon we all know and love, but then it kind of mellowed to almost a chocolate (?), and now, in the late afternoon, it's a beautiful cup of coffee just when I need a cup of coffee.

It's basically psychic.

Because we're making a very limited number of these, we're starting with a pre-order. Because the pre-orders will give us a good idea of how many we need to make over-all, we're giving you 20% off for bein' an early bird. 🦅

And because we're turning this around right fast, I haven't had a chance to design a label for the photos... but it'll be the regular Outlaw mix of cute and handsome.

These are small bottles - 0.5 fl oz - not full-size bottles, and they do not come in a nice rigid box. These are our "we want to deliver" quick-n-dirty concoctions for you. ♥️

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I NEED “Hair of The Dog” In spray form! I received a sample with the body wash I just recently ordered and I have never smelt anything like it! I would buy it the rest of my life guaranteed!! This is by far my FAVORITE SCENT IN THE HISTORY OF EVER!!!!!!

Steve Wiegand

Please do not retire ‘Hair of the Dog’ cologne. It’s probably my favorite of all except for all of the other colognes. A solid for HOT’Dog cologne would also be welcome.
There are companies trying to compete , all successes have imitators but you have a truly unique product. The others don’t even compare. Keep up the good work.