ANNOUNCING the Life on the Mountain Handmade Soap Subscription

Experience the full cycle of Life on the Mountain, and never leave your bathtub.

When you subscribe to Life on the Mountain Soap Subscription, you'll receive three bars of Life on the Mountain Soap every 3 months to coincide with the present season:

Fall: September - November
Winter: December - February
Spring: March - May
Summer: June - August

(So if you subscribe today, you'll get 3 bars of the 🌲 Fall scent of Life on the Mountain)

Just like the real shifting seasons, the sense of the season will not be available after they pass. The best way to ensure you get your seasonal mountain scents is to subscribe.

If you're not ready to subscribe, you can get single bars of Life on the Mountain. Supplies are limited, though.

Subscribe here:

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What’s September’s scent of the month?

Frederick Zeleny

Can we purchase a whole set of the seasons at once? I live overseas, and international shipping is prohibitively expensive (like an extra $50 to ship $15 of soaps), so I tend to buy a batch of a dozen soaps every year as Christmas presents to myself and bring them back in my luggage after visiting family. Could I do something like that with an entire year’s worth of Life on the Mountain?