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On Sunday morning at around 1:30, I couldn't sleep. Some personal stuff was affecting our ability to rest, and both Russ and I were tossing and turning.

Bored but unable to sleep, I checked my email. And then I clicked a link in the email...

Fully funded!!!


It took us four days to raise $10,000, ENTIRELY THANKS TO YOU (and Kiva).

What now?

Now, as they say, the real work begins.

  • Russ has started researching how to get the best pricing on shipping bulk quantities of ingredients.
  • He has also been hard at work making the new size of soap for launch on March 12 (more on that coming soon)... so much so that we have literally run out of oil to make more soap (hence his frantic researching)
  • I have been working with our pals at Guided Products to get our boxes to us in time for the Whole Foods buying season.
  • Yesterday, I placed an order for 144 mugs to replace the enamelware mugs we are discontinuing. These mugs are not only MUCH cooler than the enamelware mugs, in that they're ceramic (so microwavable and won't burn your lip), they'll look like THIS:
    custom enamelware ceramic mugs
    These sweet-ass mugs are going to be available at our Grand Soapening Event and beyond (on the site and in retail stores, fingers crossed).

The rest really has to wait until we get the money transferred to our account, which I guess is about 5 - 7 days.

It's a very exciting time for Outlaw Soaps, and this is very much thanks to YOU. It's really exciting to be such a little business with such a big support network. The other day, Russ and I were going to Fable Coffee in Nevada City (recommended by a local friend as a potential wholesale coffee bean vendor for our new store), and we realized that for a business just shy of 4 years old, we have a huge and very supportive network of friends, customers, family, and every intersection among those groups.

We are outstandingly blessed and are so grateful for your help and support.

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