Day THREE of our campaign to raise $10k in small business funding to drive down our product prices (and increase sales).

We're 80% to our goal. 

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Now that matching is active, we need $1,000, and then we're DONE. That's 40 more people contributing just $25.

How often does $25 double when you spend it?
Today, it does (through the 100% matching).

How often does $25 have 6x as much power as it does in your bank account?
Today, it does (through 100% matching, and buying 3x as much product through volume and shipping discounts).

How often does $25 help a small business, against all odds (statistically speaking, 80% of small businesses go under within their first five years of business), keep truckin' along?
Today, it does (through making us more competitive in the marketplace).

$25 has never been so powerful.

With this loan, we're going to reduce the price of our products, which has a really huge impact on sales (as you can imagine). This isn't for operating expenses or rent, it's going directly into making our products more appealing to the mass market (specifically, we're going for national Whole Foods, REI, Bass Pro Shops, and Cabela's).

Being a small maker and competing against huge manufacturers is a challenge. We can't buy in the same volume that the big guys can, so our products get stuck at a higher relative cost, which means higher prices. Any way we can close that gap between us and the big manufacturers is going to make us more attractive. (I wrote an article about that here)

And that's where your $25 comes in.

Remember, this is a loan, not a gift. You'll be paid back over 36 months (or sooner, as the people who contributed last time will attest), so this money is not going into a black hole. (even if I have to get a second job, you're getting your money back, dangit)

If you want to read more about why your money is safe with us and how we're growing as a company, I wrote a post about that.

As always, thank you for being on this journey with us. We are so excited to enter our 4th year in business (coming in less than a month!).

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