Countdown to Christmas: Day 23 - Stock alert! Unicorn Poop is critically low (on Amazon)!

Have Unicorn Poop, will travel. (photo by Arlette Thibodeau)The sugar is hitting the fan!

(ok, that was a cheap Unicorn Poop joke)

I imagined that I had sent all the stock we needed to send to Amazon for the entire holidays in early November. A couple weeks into November, it was clear that we would have to send more, so I sent another hundred or so bars.

In the last month (Nov 3 - Dec 3), we have sold 309 bars of Unicorn Poop through Amazon.

And now they tell me we only have three days of stock left at the level that people are currently buying... but it's not even the end of the first week of December!

People always told us this was a "good problem to have" but it actually TOTALLY SUCKED and lost us tons of money. But this year, we actually HAVE more Unicorn Poop made and ready to be wrapped! HUZZAH! PLANNING!

It's moments like this where I can see the hard-learned lessons of the past couple years finally paying off (fingers crossed).

They're also almost out of Hair of the Dog and Bacon Soap, so I'm going to have to get more of those together too. It's a pretty exciting season so far.

On a different note...

We're very excited to have some really awesome Outlaw developments happening in the next couple months. We haven't gotten the ink on paper yet so I don't want to say too much about it (given the nature of these things sometimes falling apart at the last minute), but the VERY MINUTE we sign those papers, I'll post here... champagne, photos, everything.

No Agenda

As you can tell by the late post, we had a lot of other stuff going on today. So here's the video of this morning's sunrise to tide you over. :)

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