Your handmade soap needs to breathe!

The best place to keep handmade soap is in a shower caddy. That will keep it out of direct water and will give it air flow. If you don't have a shower caddy, you can also get a soap tray (from us!), which will also give it sufficient air flow.

When we were making this video, my friend who edited it said, "How did you change the expression on the little soap's face?" The truth is, that poor soap was so mushy after only two days of sitting in water that I was able to wipe away his sad expression and replace it with a happy one. While that sounds like a wonderful life tool, it means this poor soap only had a couple more weeks of life in it before it deteriorates to nothing.

Keep your soap for a long time by keeping it dry! 

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Suzanna Armendarez

My son loves the soap..Its smell real good…Thank you

Angela Connell

I knew this this doesn’t have at do with the body soaps, but your body wash mountain winter is one of the smell washes I have smelled and used so far I and my wife and has threatened to steal it from me. It has a clean scent


I loved the sample pack. The extra little treat of the “ Home on the Range” bar is awesome, new favorite and I immediately bought 4x more. The little chicken and the handwritten note was a super kind and super nice touch! Love the box too!

Eddie Cox

I didn’t place this order.

Kevin Glover

Love the video 😆