Every once in a while, someone will call me and ask to speak to the Marketing Department or will ask me to let the Shipping Department know a specific thing about an order.

I always have to chuckle.

The Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Design, Web Development, Product Strategy, Production, Fulfillment, Editorial, Social Media, Accounting, Business Development, Public Relations, Branding, Sourcing and Ordering, and Analytics Departments are all two people: Me (Danielle Vincent) and Russ.

I take it for granted that people know that, but sometimes I'm reminded of how unique that is when I meet a fellow maker and learn they have nine people on their team.

The reason we can do all this is because both Russ and I have a very broad and inconsistent work history and we work our asses off. If you want to see what I mean, go check out my LinkedIn profile.

I have been an Art Director, a Web Developer, a Product Manager, a Community Manager, a Marketing Manager, and a Content Lead. In those roles, I was never content just to do my own job and eschew any other responsibilities. I was always eager to take on new projects, even if that meant I had to just kind of wing it a lot of the time.

Ahem, if I messed up an order or have to ask for clarification on something, please keep in mind that I've never done order fulfillment before. It's totally just me winging it.

Are we the best at everything? Hell no. We've been sprinting up a very steep learning curve. It's getting better, but we've really made a lot of mistakes (like our outlawsoaps.com website is still broken). But we push forward with the attitude that getting something done is better than getting something done perfectly (click to tweet that).

When you buy a bar of handmade soap, a lotion stick-up, a lip balm, or a solid cologne (coming soon) from us, you are supporting two people. You are paying us for our work so we can pay rent and put food on the table.

There's no bloated organizational charts, no extra people, no board of directors, no slack time, no huge margins to support marketing budgets... there's just two people working their asses off to bring you the highest quality products in scents that we find personally compelling and hope you do too.

We have been so blessed with customers and friends who are enthusiastic about sharing our products and stories with their friends, and this is the reason we are in business today.

If I may ask you a personal favor, if you like us and our products, please let people know. Click here to tweet about us.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us and supporting us in our business.

Update: I realized this might be a good time to also let you know we have an affiliate program. So, there's that. :) Or here it is actually.

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