Your handmade soap needs to breathe!

The best place to keep handmade soap is in a shower caddy. That will keep it out of direct water and will give it air flow. If you don't have a shower caddy, you can also get a soap tray (from us!), which will also give it sufficient air flow.

When we were making this video, my friend who edited it said, "How did you change the expression on the little soap's face?" The truth is, that poor soap was so mushy after only two days of sitting in water that I was able to wipe away his sad expression and replace it with a happy one. While that sounds like a wonderful life tool, it means this poor soap only had a couple more weeks of life in it before it deteriorates to nothing.

Keep your soap for a long time by keeping it dry! 

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Sylvia Lade

Do you include the little piece of rope when you ship your soaps. That would be funny as hell.

Carol Russ

I’ve Never seen a live bar of soap! Never mind the rope rescue by a couple of cowboys. I’ve noticed that Outlaw soaps are easily smushed. So I put mine in a big abalone shell on top of some rounded, desert-harvested pebbles. The shell has some natural holes in the bottom so water drains out. The soap likes it🤣

Terri Heaslet

What a cute animation!!! I just designed a new bathroom suite with seeded glass vanity lights-kind of old time outlaw style, amazing pop of outrageous colored glass tile and huge slabs of porcelain tile around the tub. Calamity Jane sits proudly on her elegant blue draining soap dish making the whole caboodle smell fantastically decadent 🐎🐎🐎!!! Love me some Outlaw!!!

Kennith Ellis

Upon receiving my merchandise it was a total loss due to the poor packaging that was provided with no protection to keep items from damages during transit through the postal services. I’m not requesting reimbursement; nor exchanges
For this loss. All’s I’m requesting is for your company to package your products much better before shipping starting with some sort of bubble wrapping to prevent anything from breaking it’s seals during transit to your customers. Thank You!!!

Beth Wulker

Love Calamity Jane Lotion!
Not only does it smell fabulous, the bugs don’t like it. Win, win for an outdoor girl❣