[caption id="attachment_14364" align="alignright" width="412"]Here's Chuck, Erika, and Russ carving 1,055 bars of bacon soap Here's Chuck, Erika, and Russ carving 1,055 bars of bacon soap (not pictured, Kimberly carving the rest of them yesterday)[/caption] Note: The title has been oft attributed to Buddha, but it's not a quote from Buddha. It's still a really great quote. Well, I have really good news... I told TouchOfModern that I couldn't do their sale. We just didn't have enough stock and couldn't offer them the kind of pricing discounts they ultimately needed. Accepting the order meant that we wouldn't necessarily have enough soap to fulfill the retail orders throughout the holidays, which means YOU, the customer, would wind up screwed out of your favorite soaps. Being unable to provide you with the soaps you need isn't the business model I'd like to pursue. I am so f'ing relieved I felt like peeing my pants from relaxation last night (I didn't, for the record). Deleting their sale off the forecast means we're almost caught up for soap forecasts for the season (we're 26 batches off, which is about 5 days of work at an easy pace). Their sale was a pretty huge commitment in terms of bars of soap. As all y'all know, we're just a tiny little operation and we make, cut, wrap, and sell all the soap ourselves. Accepting that we have limitations and we had met those limitations was a lot of progress in terms of my own personal development... I tend to kill myself to make sales, but in this case, it didn't make financial or practical sense. Russ agrees with my decision. I'm so lucky to have him as my husband and partner. I woke up this morning feeling so light and optimistic, not that massive cloud of dread and discouragement that had been hanging over my head before. It's a good day. And then the #1 English magazine in Japan wrote asking if we wanted to be in their print magazine this year... I said "yes," because I now know we can. It is so nice to know that as I close some doors, others open. I am very grateful.

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