Subscription Box for September

Yep, we've really been stepping up the Outlaw Soaps Subscription Club game around here.

First, we got this great review from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. Second, we got a glowing review from My Subscription Addiction.*

Not only that, we got a really wonderful note from one of our subscribers, Douglas Avery (photo of the letter coming soon). He said that he feels really honored and excited to get the boxes, like it's a secret care package club every other month.

And we are honored to send it to him!!

In last month's box, you can see: - 1/2 bar of Fire in the Hole campfire soap - 1/2 bar of Bunkhouse Stampede clove soap - a full-sized bar of shaving soap or shaving cream (soap for the mens, cream for the ladies) - not available on the site - some light reading - a button featuring Mr. September: Jesse James

The next box is coming out on November 1st, and lots of questions have already come up about that wonderful thing... so, before we get too far afield, the November box's theme is Billy the Kid.

It'll come with a little light reading (actually a well-researched document, if you must know), a full size bar of Blazing Saddles, a Mountain Man candle from Big White Yeti, a button of Mr. Bonney himself (the only verified known photo of him), and the coup de grace: an engraved OUTLAW .38 bullet (casing, not an actual live bullet) pendant.**

Don't miss out on this amazing collection of stuff that you can either enjoy yourself or use as gifts when you realize on December 24th, you've not bought anyone anything at all. You can also subscribe for someone else by just specifying their shipping address instead of yours -- that simple.

And whoever subscribes gets 10% off the site, so there ya go. And also gets a fancy membership card. It's crazy amazing. Subscribe to the Clean Getaway Club Subscription Box here  

* We don't ordinarily send out subscription boxes, but both of these sites already were sending us a fair amount of traffic just from their listings, so we decided to send them boxes... glad we did! If you are a subscription box reviewer and would like to purchase a single box for review, please email me. Because we're a very small company, we can't afford to send out free subscription boxes to new reviewers. Sorry.

** I'm literally at Techshop right now trying to make them, so if everything goes south and I have to substitute something, I'll include something of equal value.

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