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    Whale Carcass Cologne For Dogs... and the Humans Who Love Them


    Whale Carcass Cologne For Dogs... and the Humans Who Love Them

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    Available for Pre-order - Shipping April 25, 2024

    In the heart of an untouched wilderness where land meets sea, comes Whale Carcass.

    This bold, innovative fragrance captures the raw essence of nature in its most primal form, inviting both canine and human senses to explore a world unbound by convention.

    At the forefront, a daring wave of marine notes carrying a profound putrescence, inspired by the deep, mysterious scent of the ocean's giants, evokes the profound and overwhelming majesty of nature's untamed beauty.

    Delving deeper into this complex aroma, the scent transitions to an earthy heart, where the unexpected essence of duck excrement blends with the fresh, salty breeze of the sea.

    The heart of this fragrance is a testament to the strength found in raw, unpolished experiences, drawing those who dare closer to the essence of true companionship and mutual acceptance.

    A base of decaying seaweed anchors the fragrance in a deeply grounding experience. This note captures the cycle of life and renewal, a reminder of the natural process of transformation and rebirth that touches all living beings.

    Whale Carcass is an invitation to embrace the wild, uncharted territories of affection and connection, a homage to the deep, sometimes challenging, but always rewarding bond shared between dogs and their human families.

    Some of their human families, at least.

    Read the perfumers' notes on the inspiration for this bold fragrance

    What does this kind of outlaw smell like?

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    Top note: duck poop
    Heart note: whale carcass
    Base note: rotting seaweed

    How to use

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    Spray on your pulse points and enjoy your amazing life


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    Made with Organic Alcohol & Natural and Artificial Fragrance.

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    Most orders ship within a few business days and arrive within 5 business days. Situations outside of our control sometimes interfere, but we do our absolute best.

    If you don't love what you ordered, please reach out to us and we'll either replace your product for free, or we'll give you a refund. If your items cost more than $100, we will issue a return label.

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    Who are the Outlaws?

    We're Danielle & Russ Vincent, and we started Outlaw because we wanted to make a different kind of company.

    We believe that good value doesn't mean cheaper, it means better quality, longer lasting, and more enjoyable to use.

    We believe that good business practices don't have to be at odds with good social practices.

    We believe that people do better when they feel better, and that good scents make people feel better.

    We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. We lift up other businesses every opportunity we get.

    We believe that kindness costs nothing, but is worth more than gold.

    We believe in the goodness of dogs.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Kevin N. (Boardman, US)
    Guts and Kelp

    Can't wait for my order to get here. I didn't get a chance to head to the beach when the last whale carcass floated ashore, and I really didn't want to shoulder my v way through the smelly masses that went to see it. I don't have a dog either but now I can enjoy that dog/duck poop/seaweed and rotting sea mammal scent I have been missing. Thank you so much for bringing that ocean beach scent I have been missing.
    Maybe the next scent can include that barnacle and mussels with seagull poop on a hot day scent? Please?

    Tiffany H.
    Her face in the picture says it all

    Ha! I almost want to pre-order it, but I'll wait this time. See if any samples get produced.

    Keith L. (Waterford, US)

    You had me sold, until the seaweed undertones, as I'm not much of an ocean guy.
    Since I'm from Michigan, I'd for y'all to do a nice 'Up North' scent. Thinking maybe something with birch, cedar, Mackinaw Island fudge, with a nice finish of Dogman urine.

    D.T. (Denver, US)
    Somewhat inaccurate name, but a great scent!

    While this is not a true whale carcass scent, as the top not is definitely more dolphinny or porpoisey, it is nonetheless a great and unique scent that your dog will love you for wearing. If you live in a seaside community, you’ll be getting compliments on it all day long!

    Valerie K. (Tucson, US)
    Takes me back to my Nantucket days....

    Again, Outlaws has created a memorable scentscape. I had my doubts that they could pull it off, but the olefactory experience is truly unmistakable. No fooling!

    jason (Aberdeen, US)
    Olfactory Orgasm

    Dry grass and ozone open With the o Duck poop as it matures a classic green, dry, decomposing heady sea mammal comes forth similar to the goop that dies on an ocean fishing pier, the salt is slightly overwhelming but in the dry down the whale fat and barnyard wildness of the duck poop comes out. The sillage is powerfull but the longevity is only a week or so. On par with Creed's Royal Oud. Amazing work!!!

    Anonymous (Spokane, US)

    I don’t even have a dog, but I can’t wait to experience this return to the beach from the comfort of my reading chair! If I had a tail, it would be wagging!


    Do you love the smokey smell of campfire? How about the pungent scent of an aged whiskey? How about the peppery musk of gunpowder? Well, if you said hell yes to any of these three scents, then you need to look into the men’s care products made by Outlaw.