Whale Carcass, cologne for dogs... and the humans who love them

Every dog lover has experienced the boundless joy of seeing a dog discover a fresh putrescence and roll with great abandon... and now, we invite you to bring that joy home with you.

As master perfumers, our journey into the heart of scent creation often takes us beyond the familiar.

Guided by the muse of nature and the silent stories woven between the human spirit and the animal kingdom, we embarked on crafting our most inspired fragrance yet. This endeavor drew us into a realm where the primal meets the pristine, aiming to encapsulate the essence of a unique attraction that bridges the worlds of humans and their canine companions.

The inception of this fragrance emerged from a deep understanding: to weave a stronger bond with our dogs, we needed to immerse ourselves in the scents that resonate most profoundly with their senses.

This exploration was an ode to simplicity, to the scents that evoke pure joy in the canine heart.

Each element of this bold alchemy—rotting whale, duck poop, and seaweed—was chosen with care, blended to perfection in a celebration of the raw, untamed beauty of nature.

Our process was one of meticulous composition, where every drop of this fragrance was crafted to engage the senses in a dialogue of shared joy and understanding. The creation of this scent represents a journey back to the essentials, a homage to the purest pleasures of canine and human interaction.

In this bottle, we weave a narrative of shared experiences, mutual respect, and deep affection. This fragrance stands as our offering to the unspoken language of love and connection that flows between humans and their canine counterparts.

This creation is our masterpiece - truly, a pinnacle of evocative olfactory innovation - designed to draw us closer to our faithful companions.

Whale Carcass embodies the intricate dance of life shared between species, a celebration of the bonds that endure. Through this fragrance, we extend a hand to our fellow explorers, encouraging a deeper communion with the natural world and the loyal friends who walk beside us.

Signed, Russ & Danielle Vincent
Co-perfumers for Outlaw's newest scent: Whale Carcass

Pre-order your bottle today: https://liveoutlaw.com/products/whale-carcass-cologne-for-dogs-and-the-humans-who-love-them

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