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Living the Adventure

Outlaw Soaps a company for adventurous people, by adventurous people. We live like the products we make: we love campfire, whiskey, and ill-advised explosions... standing a little too close, but being sure to wear fire-proof clothes.

We know there’s a time for quiet conversationsbb guns in the desert and a time for asking your friend to hold your beer because you’ve got a great idea. (note: it’s never a great idea… and that’s why there's  YouTube)

Russ and I have built a business around what we find fun and interesting. It’s not for everyone… We get a lot of bruises in the regular course of life. Our hair is usually a mess. I probably have dirty fingernails. 

But it’s our life, and it’s pretty darn fun. 

If that sounds fun to you (or someone you know), you’ll probably like our products. If not, well, there are a million other companies for you, and that’s totally fine. No hard feelings.

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I Have A Mission.

This post was originally published in June of 2013. It has been edited to reflect updates in the Outlaw Soaps story

When I started germinating the seed that would become Outlaw Soaps, I worked in a cubicle in the Los Angeles offices of The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). I lived in a concrete warehouse just East of Downtown.

Two of my favorite places in the world, Lake Hughes and Joshua Tree, were only an hour or two away, but I rarely made it out of the artist compound where I lived. It's easy to get into the habit/rut of waking up, going to work, coming home, going to bed, waking up, going to work, lather, rinse, repeat (do shampoo bottles even say that anymore?).

I felt like if I just had a little connection to the places I loved, that maybe I could be inspired and motivated to go there more often. Like if I had their scent on me, that I would be carrying a little patch of them with me, reminding me why I was alive.

And such was born Outlaw Soaps. Deciding on soaps as that mechanism was pretty easy... it's easy to make soap (relatively), soap involves very dangerous chemicals, and everyone uses soap (mostly). Given our mission, I knew we would probably also branch out to other things like lotion and room spray.

Outlaw Soaps is a way to connect yourself with happy memories, good places, inspiring environments, and, more than anything, to remind you to live your best life (thanks for that, Oprah). All of our scents, including desert sage (Lust in the Dust), whiskey (Hair of the Dog) and all the others (Unicorn Poop is its own story) are designed just to get you outside and remind you the daily grind is not the grind of your life.

It's easy to get spun out on office politics. That stuff used to keep me up all hours of the night. I got hernias, ulcers, and migraines because of it. I suck at office politics. It scared the hell out of me. I felt like either people were going to expect too much of me or not give me enough credit, were going to steal my ideas or not use them at all, were going to talk bad about me to someone I wanted to respect me or overlook me entirely... it was like being in high school again.

But you know what's honest? Trees. Dirt. The quiet of the redwoods. The sound of wind through sagebrush. The spiky silhouette of a joshua tree. You are always good enough and smart enough when you're in nature. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

 handmade soap that smells like natureRuss (the other half of Outlaw Soaps) and I moved to Oakland shortly after the Outlaw Soaps launch on March 15, 2013. We adopted Roxy, our dog, on May 10th, 2013. We started out in a big concrete warehouse in a pretty crappy part of Oakland, with workshop downstairs. Russ was the building manager, so we got free rent.

It wasn't exactly what we wanted, but we knew it wasn't going to be too long before we could move. And we had the most important thing: a clear vision of where we wanted to go, thanks in no small part to the vision it takes to create the soaps.

In 2015, we moved to Antioch, about 45 minutes outside of Oakland. It still wasn't the forest, but it was much more rural than the violent and depressing neighborhood we lived in before.

In January of 2016, we want to move out to the forest and live there, making soap and taking walks and loving everything. Our little Colfax Western Gold Rush town is everything we ever wanted it to be. Our store is even in an old train station!

Someday, we'll move ourselves into a little old farm house. Right now, we're living in a tiny cabin. One step at a time, right?

You may think, "oh sure, that sounds easy for you, but you don't have xyz responsibility that I do." That is absolutely true. But all I hope for you is that you keep a connection with your dream. That you keep a connection with the reasons you have chosen your responsibilities, whether that be so you can enjoy a camping trip on the weekends or so you can have whiskey and play poker with your friends on Thursday nights. Because I truly believe that if you remember these dreams, they'll be more real every day.

And yeah, I think the way to do this is to buy Outlaw Soaps, but if your way to do it is having coffee out of a metal cup every morning, just like when you're camping, or keeping fresh flowers on your desk, do that.

You can see our adventures in our Instagram feed and liking us on Facebook.


Made in the USA

Ours is a country of entrepreneurs and pioneers. Our whole culture is steeped in the importance of “pulling up by bootstraps” and “being proactive.” Where other countries value working together like a well-oiled machine, the US seems to appreciate the rogue challenger to the status quo (not always to our credit, but definitely to our entertainment). 

That’s an attitude we personally hold, and also one we try to infuse in our business. We want our customers to get out there and try stuff, challenge routines, and focus on living life to the limits.

This doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate other cultures. But our company is an American one… for better or for worse. Even if it means we make some crazy mistakes (which we do. all the time.)

(this passage originally appeared in an interview for the All New American blog)

So that's our company. We hope you enjoy our company and our products. When you buy from Outlaw Soaps, you don't just get stuff, you get friends... and not sucky friends, either. Friends who want you to be AWESOME and DO AWESOME THINGS.

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If you just want to get right down to business and order some stuff, we have three subscription plans:

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What it is:

You get a soap of our choosing delivered to your house (or your friend's house, or whatever) every month.

You can pick one of three soap themes: lifestyle soaps (that includes wild ones like Fire in the Hole and Blazing Saddles), outdoorsy (that includes ones like Lust in the Dust and Home on the Range), or our choice (that could include anything, including limited edition soaps).

When you sign up, we'll send your first order with a soap holder to keep 'em nice and elevated from standing water (that's important).

What it is:

You get a soap of your own choosing delivered to your house (or your friend's house, or whatever) every month.

The plan isn't as flexible as the Soap of the Month, but hey, if you know what you like, you like what you like!

When you sign up, we'll send your first order with a soap holder to keep 'em nice and elevated from standing water (that's important).

What it is:


You get whatever it is we're trying out that month, which usually means two unique and generally-unavailable soaps made especially for the subscription box, plus something else we're mussing around with.

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