What makes Outlaw Soaps suds up like that?

You may have noticed that our soaps are really fun and sudsy, with these big, rich bubbles. Well, that's not a mistake! Our formulation of oils actually defines the type of suds that soaps give. In fact, most qualities of our soap (moisturizing, rich lather, foamy lather) are defined by the ingredients.

So, what's in our handmade soap?

Our handmade soap is made from an outstandingly high quality blend of oils, including olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and castor oil. The castor is what makes those big bubbles and the olive oil is what makes the little lathery bubbles. The avocado oil is what causes our soap to be extra moisturizing, and the coconut oil is essential for a solid bar.

When folks say their handmade soap doesn't last too long (or melts, if you leave it in water), it's the soft oils (those that are liquid at room temperature). The coconut oil makes the bar solid, but too much coconut oil, and the bar becomes drying to skin!

As you can tell, the formulation of our soaps is both art and science... in both the appearance and the ingredients!

We hope you love them! Thanks for being in the gang!

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