Some of our best reviews were flagged for weird profanity reasons, and here's a selection.

We love our customers. I'm sure you've picked up on that by now.

One of the many reasons I love our gang is because we have an emphatic and poetic way of expressing ourselves that often borders on the unconventional (and often waltzes right over that border). And that's not just in my writing, it's in yours, too.

Here are some of the recent reviews that I cleared for publishing on our site, even though our review platform flagged them for profanity. As we hope you can tell, we regard these "profane" reviews as the gems of our Outlaw crown.

The Gambler Solid Cologne: Bourbon, tobacco, and leather in your pocket
How much room do I get? First, I went from every other day chasing water round the shower to Twice a day. In summer I use a solar setup, free hot water and outdoors. I am a smoker, and the sniffer ain’t what it usta be, I could just make out the scent while soaping up. I picked up the 3 pack on Amazon and first outa the gate was ‘Blazing Saddles’ and after towlin off, It hit me. I did not smell like the old fart of an hour ago. Cain’t quite put my finger on it, but you described it as ‘The Sexiest Soap Ever’ Haven’t tried the ‘Lust in the Dust’ Soap, have to wait until I try that one! The 3 pack included ‘Fire in the Hole’ and Hair of the Dog’ Ain’t gunna mix em up, I’ll finish the ‘Saddles’ first. I just ordered the ‘Blazing Saddles body wash and the ‘Gambler’ solid Cologne on Amazon. On an off note, would you be interested in some ideas for short videos, I have some very clever/entertaining ideas that would tie the west theme in... Scott
(they had flagged "fart")
Magic Beard & Hair Elixir
Bad a$$ beard oil
Love everything about this magic elixir....smells fantastic and really stays with you. Will definitely buy it again
(I'll let you guess on what they flagged)
Fire in the Hole Campfire Solid Cologne
Love the Smell of a Campfire? Me too!
I really enjoy the way this solid cologne instantly brings back happy thoughts of chillin’ with my family and friends around a campfire on a cool night with a cold beer in hand while sharing stories. Who wants a cherry hand pie and a roasted marshmallow?
(they flagged "beer")
Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne (the sexiest cologne ever)
I just got my Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne today. I am very pleased. It starts out strong and leathery. After awhile, or perhaps because i got warm under the Colorado sun, a delightful smoky scent came out. Its not as strong as chemical-heavy, mass produced colognes, but who wants to smell like that garbage anyway. And even if you do want to freshen up, the easy-in-the-saddle-bag tin looks cool as hell when you whip it out to reapply. Mine has been fine for about 6 hours. I've never been able to smell my own soul, yet here I am basking in the warm scent of wrong-side-of-the-law.
(they flagged "hell")
Blazing Saddles Natural Hair & Body Wash - 8oz - (the sexiest hair & body wash ever)
The Big Dance
After working the range all day I had to get ready for the Big Dance down at the local schoolhouse. Washed up at the creek with my Blazing Saddles Body Wash, slicked my hair back, put on my clean set of duds, rubbed on some Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne, hopped on my favorite horse Whitey, and rode off to the dance. My gal Sally just loved the way I smelled, and after dancin’ and stompin’ up a storm all night we relaxed in the porch swing for awhile. She told me she really liked the smell of leather, gunpowder, with a hint of spice on me. Thanks Outlaw Soaps for keepin’ Sally a happy gal!
(they flagged "Whitey")
Fire in the Hole Explosively Awesome Campfire Soap
Reminds me of elk hunting in Wyoming
Gets you super clean, and makes you smell like a whiskey drunk yeti with his ass on fire. J/k your woman will want to seduce in a red flannel and then make you pancakes.

(they flagged "whiskey," "drunk," "ass," and "seduce" - for a very short review, this packed a lot of punch!)


I'm stopping there, but the list continues for MANY, MANY pages of really amazing reviews. You get the picture, right?

Which is your favorite?

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