Life on the Road with Outlaw Soaps

This week, I've been on the road, mostly hanging out in Las Vegas for the Magic trade show (it's a fashion and gift trade show). It was my first solo trade show and I was pretty intimidated. Compared to other companies, we're a really young brand (the woman next to me had been doing multiple trade shows per year for 6 years!). Folks told me over and over again that the first year's the hardest, and this year is a year of a lot of firsts.

But one thing we have learned about shows is that once people give our stuff a sniff, something is triggered in them - Our scents each are fully distinct, but everyone has one scent that sings to them.

Whether or not we're right for their store, we bonded with people over the inspiring power of scent.

Let's get together

In the customer survey we sent a month or so ago, we asked if you'd come out to see us if we had a music event, and overwhelmingly, you said, "YES!" (or "yes, probably," which we took as "yes"). We're excited, too!

This trip, I'll be stopping by a few of the friends I made at the show, and maybe next time 'round, we can get together.

Watch for new news of the road for Spring 2020. I do hope to meet you!

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