Last Chance: "Burning Daylight" Cologne - A Limited Edition Ode to the Solar Eclipse

In celebration of the solar eclipse on April 8, Outlaw has created "Burning Daylight," a fragrance that captures the essence of this rare celestial alignment. This final week offers the exclusive chance to embrace the scent that harmonizes with the dance of the sun and moon, available until April 2 or as long as our limited stock with the collector's enamel pin lasts.

A Symphony of Scents

"Burning Daylight" unfolds with the earthy robustness of cedar, anchoring the scent with a foundation reminiscent of ancient forests standing witness to countless eclipses. This initial note promises a journey back to nature's core, where every tree tells a story of timelessness and resilience.

Transitioning from the solidity of the earth, amber weaves its way into the heart of the cologne. This note radiates a sweetness and depth akin to the golden hues that fill the sky when day turns to dusk during an eclipse. Amber captures the light within the darkness, offering a glow of warmth in the cool shadow.

Completing this olfactory voyage, musk brings a rich, grounding finish. Its deep, enduring aroma connects the fleeting moment of the eclipse to the perpetual cycle of the cosmos. Musk resonates with the silent strength of the night, awaiting the sun's return with patience and wisdom.

Together, these scents merge into "Burning Daylight," a cologne that commemorates the ephemeral beauty of the solar eclipse. Each bottle is an invitation to explore the profound shifts in light and darkness, crafted for those who wish to hold a piece of the celestial wonder.

Embrace this opportunity to own "Burning Daylight," a fragrance that captures a moment of natural harmony in a bottle.

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