We're cruelty-free, and now we have the Leaping Bunny certification to prove it!

After much work, planning, and sorting, we are finally got our buns together and got Leaping Bunny Certified!!!

We've never tested on animals, so rest assured our commitment to animal welfare is a long-standing tradition.

Leaping Bunny certification involves investigation into our business practices and our suppliers (who had to be investigated as well). In other words, it's not just cute marketing, it's a real certification with real work behind it.

Why did we do this?

Cruelty-free means a whole lot to us, and we want to tell you what it means for you.

What exactly is Leaping Bunny? In their own words:

"Since 1996, the Leaping Bunny Program, operated by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics in the US and Canada, has been connecting compassionate consumers to cruelty-free companies under its Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals. Companies must pledge to end animal testing at all stages of product development in addition to recommitting to the program annually and being open to third party audits."

Yes, we Outlaws have voluntarily committed to being snooped on a regular basis, and you probably know how we feel about snooping. (The first rule of Snoop Club is NO SNOOPING)

How do we ensure our products are safe? First, we use good ingredients from reputable sources. And second, we have tested on ourselves, and, while we do tend to have animalistic qualities, we can consent to be tested on.

Our little furry (and not so furry) friends cannot.

Want to read more about this great program? Check out the Leaping Bunny website!

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