What's That Smell, Outlaw World Premier!

Let's talk scents!

Our noses are one of our most important tools at the old Outlaw hideout. We rely on them day in and day out to ensure our products are coming off the line as aromatically-accurate as the first batch, the batch our customers have fallen in love with, and the batch that we will make on the next go. We demand consistency across time and products.

Sometimes we like to test ourselves, to see if our sniffers are still up to snuff, and that is the idea behind our new about-to-be-your-favorite-show "What's that Smell?"

Today we show our third episode of What's that Smell?

This is one of two episodes this week, so be sure to subscribe to our channel and vote on your favorite!

So put our boss's schnoz to the test and see if she can answer, "What's that Smell?"

Catch it here: https://youtu.be/Kbbp-FRLRBA

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