We're No Stinkin' Outlaws — cruelty-free

| The Outlaws

We're cruelty-free, and now we have the Leaping Bunny certification to prove it!

After much work, planning, and sorting, we are finally got our buns together and got Leaping Bunny Certified!!! We've never tested on animals, so rest assured our commitment to animal welfare is a long-standing tradition. Leaping Bunny certification involves investigation into our business practices and our suppliers (who had to be investigated as well). In other words, it's not just cute marketing, it's a real certification with real work behind it.

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| Danielle Vincent

How Unicorn Poop is Made

People (especially children) often ask us, "How is unicorn poop made?" This is a very good question, since we are very transparent about nearly all of our business practices and have, to this point, been somewhat hesitant to share our methods. Not only is competition in the unicorn poop market fierce, we also didn't want to open ourselves to a media relations nightmare if our quarters weren't to PETA standards.

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