Unicorn Poop Soap: Magnificent and free range

Unicorn PoopOk, ok... you got me. This isn't actually poop from real live unicorns

This 5-colored cleanliness creation does smell like rainbow sherbet and has a sprinkle of glitter on the top, yes, and in that way, it does very much resemble what you'd expect from the hindquarters of a majestic and magical steed, but it's not actually made from real fecal matter.

I know. You're probably really disappointed right now, aren't you?

Well, the good news is that now you can use it to wash your whole body, hands, face, and whatever else (I've even used it on my laundry, since I'm the MacGuyver of using soap by now) without getting a case of the major omg-I-have-poo-on-my-face squiggs. See? Bright sides all over the place! Including behind your ears, because hey! It's not really poop!

How did we come up with the idea of Unicorn Poop Soap?

Well, truth be told, it wasn't our idea. It was my friend's eight-year-old daughter's idea. My friend sent me a note saying that Gigi wanted us to make Unicorn Poop Soap, and after I wiped the coffee off my monitor, I agreed to give it a try.

soap failIt was a hard product development process, and if you want to see the massive fails that went into the initial creation of this rainbow soap, go check out the Outlaw Soaps Facebook page. We have a whole gallery dedicated to impressive soap fails.

So how is Unicorn Poop soap made today?

The poop -- ahem, soap -- is made in our workshop in lovely Colfax, California, with natural ingredients such as avocado oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. It's a truly high quality handmade soap that you can trust your largest organ to (that's your skin, people. your skin.).

We hand-mix and pour every layer to achieve this beautiful rainbow effect. It's as much an art as it is a science (did you know the process of oil and lye mixing to create soap is called "saponification"? Well now you do!). My husband and I taught ourselves to make soap in 2013 and Unicorn Poop was one of our first bars, released originally in March 2013.

Outlaw Soaps is a little handmade soap (and now other personal care as well) company based in Colfax, California (in Gold Country, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, right next to the first transcontinental railroad!).

Even though I was originally the primary soap maker (I = Danielle, the blue-haired one), the task of soapmaking has since gone to my husband (Russ, the handsome one). He is better at lifting things and pouring them, which is a critical part of making soap. I am better at writing.

Since we moved to Colfax last year, we have created two new jobs (in a very economically depressed town, this is big news) and are committed to fair pay and health insurance for our employees.

When you buy Outlaw Soaps products, you support people who love their jobs and are committed to making you the best personal care we can.

Ok, but for real, we don't have any animal cruelty

No Animal Cruelty

We are committed to ethical treatment of animals. Our Unicorn Poop Soap is 100% vegan and is never tested on animals.

Even our own dogs are woefully unbathed.

We Love The Environment

In our soapmaking, we are sure to use reusable towels and mixing containers to reduce our ecological footprint. We are striving to achieve a zero waste business. The people at the local recycling center are our pals.

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