The Cursed Cowboy Returns!

Cursed Cowboy Clove SoapOur tremendously popular clove and campfire soap returns a couple months early

Every year, we release this very special limited edition Cursed Cowboy soap to much fanfare. Last year, we even presold 150 bars because that's exactly how popular it is!

This year, we decided to just go ahead and make some early, because people keep asking, and as you know, we're a very democratic company.

Get your bars while they last

"If this is being Cursed, sign me up.
Ever gone to a great campfire and some away smelling faintly of smoke and wish you could have that every day? This is the soap for you. Combine that smokiness with a faint spice and you get The Cursed Cowboy." - DHG
"Good whatever God you believe in, love this soap.
So, normally I'm a 'Fire in the Hole' guy. Picked up a couple bars of Cursed Cowboy recently, and man I love this soap. I currently work in a teeny tiny little kitchen, mainly cooking up scallops. Needless to say, when I get home, I'm not exactly smelling like a rose. Using this to wash away scallop-smell, replacing it with the fantastic-@$$ clove-y, campfire-y scent? Yes please! I'm a fan of Outlaw, and will continue to be. If only for the fact that it's a soap of all things that makes me want to jump in the shower and breathe deep. Makes me smile every damn time. On the negative side, my dog seems to like the scallop smell rather than the soap smell... Ah well." - Paul
"Hard to describe, Easy to love
I didn't know what to expect from this soap, but it easily is one of my favorites. Smell is unique and amazing, will be ordering again." - Elijah

You've heard it from real live customers, my friend. You definitely don't want to miss this opportunity to pick up our limited edition soap, Cursed Cowboy!

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