This ain't your standard Soap of the Month dog and pony show!

Full disclosure: I made up the title of this post because I needed to include this gif in a blog post.

We've got some changes on the horizon for our Clean Getaway Soap Subscription Box, and we're excited to be adding a new slicker, and smoother soap subscription service!

The Clean Getaway Soap Subscription Box for May has been announced!

So, what's in the box?

Glad you asked!

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, so not only are we giving 50% of the proceeds from May's Clean Getaway Subscription box to the National Safety Council, we've got some powerfully road-themed soaps:

  • Easy Rider - Not for the faint of heart. Strong scents of Leather and Gasoline.
  • Highway to Heck - Smells of the open road. Mountain Fir Trees, Wild Grass, Desert Sage.

And in addition to those two engine revvin', wild child soaps, we are including a FULL-SIZE 8 OZ BOTTLE of the Mountain Hideout Natural Lotion. Why? Because it's FULLY AMAZING is why.

... but really, in addition to it being fully amazing, we're so sure that you'll swoon for the smooth natural lotion, that we're including it in your box in hopes that you'll fall so deeply in love that you'll sign up for our new Double Down, Smooth and Simple Soap and Lotion Subscription Service (um, that's a working title).

handmade soap and lotion soap subscription boxThe Double Down, Smooth and Simple Soap and Lotion Subscription Service?

That's what I said! (and boy, was it a mouthful!)

It's our newest subscription box offering:

Delivered biweekly (2x per month), monthly, or bimonthly (every other month), for just $30 and free shipping (HOLY SHIP, RIGHT?).

So prepare yourself for this massively awesome beyond-the-dog-and-pony-show-subscription-service (is that a better or worse name?).

This concept (not the long and cumbersome working title) was pitched by one of our supremely awesome customers. As a highly democratic sundries company, we appreciate your suggestion, T.G. (you know who you are).

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