Into the woods with Mountain Hideout: The scent of the forest

Years ago, when we started Outlaw Soaps, we wanted to create sundries that smelled like our favorite things so we could evoke with our Whole Foods buyer calls "a sense of place." We wanted you to find scents that were so true to the things you love the most that, by including these scents into your daily routine, you'll be inspired to do even more of the things you love.

Mountain Hideout smells like pine trees, pinecones, damp earth, and a little campfire. We created it to remind you how compelling the scent of the forest is -- not a cheap-o pine air freshener or household cleaner -- but the real scent of the forest.

Over the years, our Mountain Hideout Bar Soap has grown in popularity to the point where people were requesting it in body wash, hand wash, and lotion. We finally got around to making these oft-requested products, and we're very proud to present:

We hope you love these new Mountain Hideout products and continue to encourage us to expand the wilderness-inspired scents!

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