The growing gang of Outlaws
This week, we interviewed several people for a few new positions at Outlaw HQ here in Grass Valley, California.

  • The weekly newsletter has been assembled by our new associate, Stacie, who has taken over the weekly email as well as several logistics duties.
  • A month or so ago, our friend Amy joined us as a Production Assistant (working under Marci, who was promoted to Production Manager).
  • Jennalee also joined us recently, taking over customer service (from Elysia, who was promoted to Fulfillment Manager), our website updates, social media, and part of our weekly sales reports (a full time job already!).
  • Sylkia started coming in on Mondays to help label and box colognes.
  • And as of Monday, my long-time friend Garwood joined our production staff for a few months as he gets his own business started.

Is your head spinning? Mine is!

And because all those people no longer fit inside our small workshop, we decided to move into a bigger warehouse on the same property, which magically came available this month.

That's seven employees and a new workshop in about a year. As an Outlaw Soaps customer, I want you to know what an impact you're having in our lives and the lives of everyone we bring into this business. These jobs are filled by real people -- real awesome people (we don't hire just any ol' hooplehead who can warm a mirror) -- and they're getting great work because of you.

Thanks for being our customer and making such a great difference in our lives and the lives of everyone in our gang.

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