There's a Soap That Smells like Campfire, Gunpowder, and Whiskey: Fire in the Hole, by Outlaw

The one, the only, the FIRE IN THE HOLE!

Why Did We Invent This Campfire Soap?

Russ and I were huge fans of the kind of camping where you stand around drinking whiskey and throwing explosives into fire.

As a friend rightly pointed out, "We're not doing this 'cause it's smart."

Indeed, we were doing it because it was FUN.

One year (2014), we couldn't go to the annual camping trip with our friends, so I (Danielle, co-founder) decided to invent a scent that reminded me of those good times.

As it turns out, other people wanted to smell like fun times as well, so the soap started selling more and more. And [mumble mumble] years later, we're still selling Fire in the Hole Campfire Soap.

And it was so popular we kept making more and more Fire in the Hole stuff... so now you can get the same rowdy Fire in the Hole scent in these fine goods:

Is Fire in the Hole Campfire Soap for Men or Women?

This meme is funny... and also it's not the whole story. As I said above, I (woman & co-founder) invented the scent based on my personal favorite things!

And here's a meme that women like honeysuckle, vanilla, and almond... honestly, not my favorites. They're too sweet and -- I don't know -- the word "cloying" comes to mind.

We invented this company to remind us of our favorite things, not so that we could create the same overly sweet scents that everyone else makes. I mean, if we were just going to do the same things everyone else was doing, we wouldn't have started a business. We would have just bought the stuff already out there on the market and been satisfied.

We get asked this question so often that I've written lots of blog posts about whether Outlaw scents are for men or women.

To us, it comes down to personal preference. If you like the smell of honeysuckle and vanilla, wear honeysuckle and vanilla. If you like the smell of campfire and gunpowder, wear Fire in the Hole.

It has nothing to do with your privates (they're called "privates" because they're none of our business!).

Will Manly Soap Make You More Manly?

🤣 Sure. I mean, I guess if you want to be more manly, you can be more manly.
You can practice speaking with a lower voice (I did when I was pitching investors, because I know investors react better to deeper voices).
You can grow your leg hair natural (if you're not already).
You can get calluses on your hands and probably on your feet if you live near the beach.
Flannel shirts! Those are manly, right?
Lighters. I don't know why, but I always associate flip-top lighters with manliness.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can be however you want, using whatever you want.

Again, this falls into the "none of my business" category.

But no, by itself, this soap will not make you more manly. And use of this soap is not required to be more manly. We're not the kind of folks who'll call you names if you don't use our product.🙄

Why Are You Sharing This Meme?

Honestly, because it always gets attention. Always.

When Todd (friend on Instagram) forwarded it to me last night, I knew I had to share it. The original post is from OddityMall and as far as I know, it didn't say the soap was for men.

But a couple years ago, someone turned it into a meme and now whenever I see it, I laugh. So I'm sharing it with you in hopes that you'll also laugh. 🤣

Glad you're enjoying our little corner of the internet! We hope you decide to give Fire in the Hole a try:

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