Vintage Shasta Airflyte Trailer - The Outlaw Queen

Last year, we bought a vintage Western-themed Shasta 1967 Airflyte trailer from a really cool guy named Steve.

As fully Danielle (& Outlaw) the trailer is, believe it or not, the design (painting and interior) was already like this when we bought it! Steve's a real visionary - he hired an artist to do the mural on the outside, and Western hinges and memorabilia and pictures on the inside.

It's a TRUE masterpiece.

And, of course, we bought the trailer in the middle of a pandemic (which brought a lot of interesting business "challenges"), so we haven't been out on the road much. We just really haven't been practically able to do much of anything.

But The Oasis Gift Show (the trade show for all the little tourist gift stores around the world) is coming up in a little over a week, so it seemed like it might be a good opportunity to take the ol' girl out on the open road (and also double as a work trip... win-win!).

I'll be heading down through Utah, stopping in Zion (where I've never been!), visiting Sedona, Arizona (one of the most beautiful places I've ever had the joy of visiting), and then heading to Phoenix (where the show is).

From Phoenix, I'll hand off a display, some merch, and a table to Michelle, our Wholesale Sales Manager (who's actually working the show), and then either help out at the show or kick around south to Tombstone or Yuma (hi Doug 👋) until the show's over.

In case you haven't picked up on this from, you know, the EVERYTHING ABOUT ME, I'm into old Americana and (very) classic Western stuff (especially if it's in a state of passive decay... I used to spend a lot of time digging through piles of wood and metal stuff on the side of the road), so I'll be making a list of all the junk -- cough -- ANTIQUE stores along the way.

I'm pretty sure this stuff is of interest to Outlaws worldwide, so I'm going to do my best to share the adventures as I go.

Odd Lots

If you see something you like during one of the videos (I'll try to do them live, depending on how amenable the shop owner is), let me know what it is and what you'll pay for it, and I'll try to grab it for you. (shipping not included - let's just be up-front about that right now)

I mean, yes, it's a little (a lot) unconventional, but we live in odd times, so it's ok to be a little (a lot) odd.

If you see me on the road, honk and wave!! (but don't honk and flip me off, because I get enough of that already - I drive slow when I'm towing)

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I like your van I think it’s cool I don’t know why anybody would flip you off you’re out there making a living in a really cool van well airstream keep up the good work