Sample set of natural milled bar soap by Outlaw

Since we started this business, we've been struggling to make a sufficient sample set of our scents. We did finally make the solid cologne sampler, but it only covers the five scents that are available in solid cologne, not all the scents.

The thing is, our handmade soaps are, well, made by hand, and therefore, they are reasonably inconsistent to keep in stock... we've never really been able to ensure 100% in-stock at any given moment, and usually, we have to set aside the bit ol' full-size bars to satisfy our regular customers.

This means any handmade soap sample set we've tried to launch has required Swan-Lake-on-Ice level of choreography.

You've never seen me dance, but let me assure you, it's no Swan Lake, let alone Swan Lake on Ice.

But we launched milled soaps a few months ago (to recap: milled soap is made by a machine, is of uniform color, and is still really wonderful; and handmade soap is made by hand, and comes with all those swirly colors), so we're able to very consistently have these little gems of supremely sudsy soap in stock... so the very moment we could do sample packs, we DID IT.

Because you said so, and we're a democratic company, even if it takes a while for the wheels of progress to grind into action (so, like a real democracy).

So get your six-soap-sampler here:

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