Western scented handmade natural bar soap by Outlaw

IT'S BACK: The Cursed Cowboy, our famed and treasured campfire and clove limited edition seasonal spicy soap, has materialized on this mortal plane months before its typical season, when the leaves turn and a whisper of a chill blows through your bones.

These are strange times, and strange times call for strange soaps.

Our soap mystics have sacrificed the required number of chickens (rubber chickens, of course), and summoned the spirits required to concoct this soap so memorable that customers clamor for it year 'round.

Because it's difficult to know when the Cursed Cowboy will be haunting us again, we recommend placing your order before curiosity kills your cat.*

Get your bar here, while supplies last: https://liveoutlaw.com/products/the-cursed-cowboy

* This is not a threat, just to be clear. We appreciate our feline friends. I just don't want you to miss this opportunity and then read all the comments from all the people who ordered it when you hesitated.

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