The perfect gift is one that reminds the recipient of you every day, and leaves no crap around the house

Why are Outlaw Soaps (and colognes) the perfect gifts for that outlaw in your life?

I'll tell you in a little story: Nearly 6 years ago, Russ and I went on a honeymoon vacation for our wedding. We went to Paso Robles and stayed on a little property with a real old west saloon (which had been shipped from another location). It wasn't more than a few hundred square feet, but it was delightful. The little stove made it smell like a century of warming fires, and the wood smelled damp and kind of rotted, with the smell of trees coming in through all the holes in the walls (many of which had been plugged with corks, but many more were yet-to-be-filled).

I smell that little place every time I use a bar of Mountain Hideout, our soap that smells like a cabin in the woods.

We didn't know it at the time, but that scent -- that memory -- would become an important part of our lives.

The same weekend, I picked up a bar of soap that smelled like nothing we make today. It wasn't terribly remarkable, but it reminded me of that trip. It showed me that a single bar of soap can link a memory to a place and a person, and was the foundation for why we started Outlaw Soaps.

bb guns in the desertThere were many memories we wanted to capture in a soap. Memories like the time to the left, when Russ and I went to the desert with our friends and shot bb guns at empty beer cans in the cold. We made Fire in the Hole to smell like that (campfire, gunpowder, sagebrush, whiskey, and even bacon).

If you have memories like this, or know someone who treasures these memories, they'll love the evocative smells of Outlaw Soaps. It will bring them right back to that favorite moment, day after day, whether you're near or far.

whiskey lovers, here's your productAnd like many Outlaws, we've moved around a lot over the years. My mom used to buy me things that I'd mostly affectionately call "small special things" - things that were undeniably special, but whose accumulated presence could create a compounding effect of clutter over time.

Something I've always loved about Outlaw Soaps (and colognes, etc) is that they're consumable. They create a lasting effect of daily reminders while they're being used, but once their use has finished, they're done. No need to clutter a shelf and collect dust. They'll be used and loved.

My friend Belinda and I were talking about how it's funny that couple shots of whiskey costs as much as a bottle of our Gambler Bourbon-inspired Lotion, but that the lotion lasts longer and is ultimately more satisfying.

I mean, after the whiskey's gone, what do you have? A hangover. But after a night of reveling in the sultry scent of bourbon, tobacco, and leather, what do you have? Another month of reveling yet to enjoy!

So ditch the small special things and give the gift that lasts just the right amount of time: Outlaw Soaps.

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