The Outlaw Adventure

Something I have long admired about Outlaws (our customers & team members, not just any ol' lower-case outlaws) is our general willingness -- and often enthusiasm -- for pursuing adventures that others might deem too uncomfortable or odd to pursue.

As a rule, our hobbies require us to leave comfort and engage in activities that cause sore muscles, a willingness to be bad at stuff (and hopefully get better over time), and a disregard for "how it's always been done."

Over the past year, I've wanted to hit the road and engage in the adventures of Outlaws across the country, but we had matters to attend to on the home front. But we knew the time was coming when I could get out and about, so we asked a question on the semi-annual survey (which has been so great to read, thank you!).

I've always wanted a little trailer -- something just a step or two above camping -- to make road trips easier. You know, to keep me out of the ants and whatnot, and give me a place to hang my Outlaw mug. And the Shasta Airflyte has always had a place in my heart, because it's compact and adorable, and generally well made.

We started searching for trailers a few weeks ago. The weather's turning and I have a team who can handle stuff while I'm on the road, so it seemed a good time... and WOW, what a good time!

I found this hand-painted fully restored (not to its original 1960s Shastaness, but decidedly better) on Tin Can Tourist:

1965 Shasta Airflyte Western

As you can see, it has a beautiful mural and an eagle feather... and that's just the beginning. The interior is a masterpiece of rustic Americana. It's more than I could have ever hoped for in a trailer, and well beyond what my imagination and physical capability could have executed.

It's currently in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where it will be in the care of Ryan of Happy Camper Restoration until he trailers it up and tows it here to Reno.

I have always been impressed at how life comes together in the most unexpected ways, and this trailer will certainly be hitting the road often in the next few months.

Where are you? Would you like to be on the list for consideration on an Outlaw road trip stop? 🤠

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