The Mugs Are Coming Back!

"No matter what happens, you can always go outside and have a cup of coffee from a metal cup." - Outlaw Bumper Sticker

Back in the days when I worked a corporate job, things could get pretty hairy. Long hours, long meetings, long hashings and re-hashings... And when things got too heavy, I would pour a cup of coffee in my ol' trusty camping mug and step outside into the sun.

I'd stand with my nose over the mug and close my eyes and feel the sun on my face and remember that really, it was ok. It was going to be ok.

It reminded me of camping, and for a moment, I was in my happy place: coffee at dawn in the crisp, cold air of a new day, with the sky big over my head, my boots in the gravel, and my heart full of nothing but a mirror of the openness of the world.

And then I'd go back to the meeting refreshed, renewed, and slightly freer than I was just a few moments before.

It was a good vacation. Even for five minutes.

So when we started this company, I wrote that (long) quote on a bumper sticker. It was a statement of freedom wherever you are. It was an invitation to reclaim your mind, no matter what happens.

Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat

It has been an unofficial slogan of our company since 2013 when my friend handed me a mug with this in bold, IMPACT font.

"Can I steal this?" I immediately asked.
"Sure! Totally!" Kenna said.

So I did, and in a week or so, the durable, travel version of our Outlaw logo mug will be back in stock.

And if you get one, no matter what happens, you will always be able to go outside and have coffee out of a metal cup.

Pre-order your mug today:

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