Blazing Saddles natural Magic Beard & Hair Elixir from Outlaw

You may have heard that this year is the year where we do our best to make every product you've asked us to make (and the list keeps getting longer, but we're doing what we can!).

This week, we released some limited edition Magic Beard & Hair Elixirs in our most popular scents:

These first batches are selling out quickly so snap up your 3-ounce bottle of heaven today.

"What is Magic Beard and Hair Elixir?" you may ask!

Outlaw's Magic Beard & Hair Elixir is unlike any ordinary beard oil. It's made with prime, quick-absorbing ingredients (jojoba oil, hempseed oil, olive oil, essential and Phthalate-free fragrance oil) that smooth and soothe even the most unruly facehairs (or anywhere hairs, we aren't gonna tell you which hairs to rule), while also being aromatically revelrous.

We are currently sold out of the original Magic Beard & Hair Elixir, but it's coming back soon, so sign up for stock notifications if you're missing yours.

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