The New Website!

HEY OUTLAWS! On Monday (ish? 🤞), we'll be launching our BRAND NEW website that features even easier (and more functional) subscription buttons, improved navigation, sexier categories, and a more mobile-friendly design.

You may be surprised to know that about 85% of our website visitors are looking at our website on their phones (I remember when the iPhone was invented... just a fun note for all you whippersnappers out there), and over the years, our website has gotten kind of slow and cumbersome on mobile.

5 years ago, when we last redesigned our website, the design team tried to convince me that we should do "mobile first" design (that means that we design primarily for mobile phones), but I couldn't let go of my ol' desktoppy preferences.

Of course, 5 years ago, I wasn't quite as alone... 70ish% of our visitors were on their phones, but 30% were appreciating my big, sexy images in the cinematic way I intended.

Now, since mobile phones getting easier to read, and connection speeds are getting faster (in apparently every other part of the country except for the particular place our house sits), convenience is most important. And mobile phones are SO DARN CONVENIENT.

As with everything, we expect some hiccups here and there as we get our new website off the virtual ground. If you see any issues, please drop us a line and we'll do our best to fix 'em!

Thank you for riding with us Outlaws! We hope you love the new digs as much as we do!

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Cynthia Hatchew

He’ll ya !

Terry Spencer

I was lucky enough to snag one of the Limited-Edition HAIR OF THE DOG colognes and loved it so much I’ve signed up to be alerted should you/when you bring it back. I’ve tried several and while THE GAMBLER will always be my favorite go-to scent, I just can’t decide so I’m acquiring all of them to customize my moods. Each one takes me to a special place. Scent=Memory=Possibility.


I love your stuff!!! You guys ought to consider doing a mix and match sample cologne (the little wax ones) or selling them individually so we can try them out. Skin chemistry is a bit of an issue, and it’s so damn hot and humid all summer in Oklahoma that sweat seems to really affect some of them. It’s just a thought.