Gasoline scented soap

You voted for your favorite Scents of the Month for June, and I did my best to craft the scents you were hoping for!

If you'd like to vote for August's Scents of the Month, you can pick from our August scent library:

Heck's Angels: Soap that smells like leather & gasoline

For those of you who wished for Outlaw's Garage in a non-pumice soap, this is probably right up your alley!

This bold and beautiful scent smells like gasoline and leather - the scent of a good day riding and enjoying the freedom of the road.

Sound + Vision: Soap that smells like fresh mowed grass & dirt

I started mixing the scents you voted on into a scent, but stopped... because why mess with perfection? And indeed, this scent is perfection. It's an early Summer morning, before it's too hot, when the temperature's just perfect for mowing the grass and appreciating the crisp, early air.

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Absolutely love Hecks Angel ❤️🖤. Getting ready to use it for the first time when I Shower.


Heck’s Angels is so good. I need some more, please…..


Heck’s Angels was really good, any way to order a second bar?

BrendA Raaen

Just bought my granddaughter and her soon to be hubby a box 🌹it came to
My house and I couldn’t stand it I had to look in it 🌿🎶the smell is wonderful! Gonna order my own🎁my granddaughters favorite number is 7 so their wedding is June 7
Thank you ! We are gonna love this !!!

Ken St John

So, I already have a subscription … but would like to purchase “Heck’s Angels” on a one time basis. Maybe even use some of my points!! How do I do that? Cheers!! Ken