It's official: Hair & Body Wash has replaced the body-only wash!

You know, it was pretty good.

It was ok.

I mean, certainly, enough people loved it that we wanted to keep it around.

But we kept hearing about the body wash not having quite the same scent as the cologne and soap, and we also kept hearing that people really would rather have all-in-one wash.

So when we found this new formula, we were ecstatic: it carries the best and truest scent, and it also provides the all-in-one washiness that people have asked for.

This formula is thicker and more luxurious, frothier and more fun, and smells downright tremendous.

We're very excited to hear what you think of it, so for this week, we're offering 10% off our new and improved formula.

Go pick up your bottles of natural hair and body wash now.

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