Mountain Hideout natural bar soap by Outlaw

How do we Outlaws bring our handmade soap with us when we're on the run? Easy: We send all our soaps out with a handy travel case.

What? Did we forget to include the free handy travel case with your last order of Outlaw?

I bet we didn't... because every handmade bar soap comes in a box, which doubles as a travel case!

It has a big ol' airflow-ey window on the front so it can fully dry out without gettin' all goopy on your fun-sized toothpaste tube (I know they're officially called "travel-size," but if they're going to call mini Snickers "fun-size," I'm applying it to travel sundries, as well).

The box is cardboard, so it can get a bit wet and dry out again, which is perfect for getting your soap in ship shape for wherever your journeying takes ya (or whatever mode of transportation... I don't mean to be shipscific).

Now, one caveat for best results: Let the bar dry out a little before sliding it in your travel case (er, soap box). If you don't the bar might stick to the sides of the cardboard and will require a little shake to get out.

Don't worry, it won't harm the soap. I know you were worried.

So, with your new travel-friendly Outlaw handmade bar soap, where are ya going?


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