Outlaw Blazing Saddles natural Hand Balm for soft hands

The word is out: Outlaw is making our own Hand Balm!

I know what you're thinking: "What is hand balm and why should I use it?" Well, I don't know about you, Outlaw, but I get up to some pretty rough and tumble activities, and my hands get even rougher and tumbleier (that's a word, right? It is now... moving on!).

Between the sun, dust, and soap, my hands take quite a beating. They start looking more and more like the leather I'm working, and less and less like something that someone would actually want to hold.

I also sure don't like my hands to feel greasy, well, let me tell you the trick I use, just balm, lotion, cream, or moisturize the backs of your hands! That's it, that's the trick. That way you'll let the balm do its work where it counts, and leave your palms and fingertips ready for whatever.

Ready to give them a go? Try Outlaw Hand Balm: https://liveoutlaw.com/collections/hand-balm

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