Candle Season is Nigh!

It's gettin' on toward "friendly burning thing" season (distinctly different from wildfire season), which means fireplaces are gettin' stoked up and candles are being lit to give homes a cozy feeling.

Outlaw scents are a year 'round favorite, and our Air Fresheners are a delightful addition to every car... definitely better than trying to burn a candle on your dashboard, right?

But when you're home and all warm and happy, you'd be best to light an Outlaw Candle to bring the scents of Outlaw to your homespace.

Outlaw candles faded with last year's frost, but they'll be back on October 25. If you've been yearning for one, find it on our Outlaw candle page and sign up to be notified when they're back.

Or if you're not subscribed to our text messages, this'd be a right perfect opportunity to remedy that... text message subscribers are the first to hear about new product releases (we figure if we're hanging out in your pocket, we might as well make ourselves useful. With product updates, I mean.)

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