outlaw soaps ownersAs we're careening into the holiday season, we're preparing for a rush of brand new people who have never before seen or experienced our fine company.

I'm sure you're aware what a wild frontier the Internet is. We want to provide our potential customers with all the assurance they need to feel confident about placing an order.

We want potential customers to know that getting a box from Outlaw Soaps is a delightful experience even beyond the items specifically ordered. We want them to know that we have relationships with our customers (but not creepy relationships), and that by buying from us, they're not only getting a high quality product, but supporting a small, American handmade business.

And we can type marketing messages until our fingers bleed, but customers believe real testimonials.

So please give us a hand and let us know about your experience with Outlaw Soaps. We'll be compiling selected responses into a page or two, and may use them in marketing.

Thanks so much for helping, and thank you for being our customer!


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