Sure, we could probably just put our site on haitus, but ...

This week, we moved our whole fulfillment operation to a Motel6 in Auburn so we wouldn't delay any orders in an indefinite blackout.

Aside from getting a cool news story about it, probably more importantly, we were able to keep our orders shipping on time with very little disruption for our customers.

When we announced this move, one of our long-time customers said that since our customers know us and know we're working as hard as we can, most folks would be fine with a few days delay here and there.

But you know, that's exactly the reason we had to move our operation!

If y'all were a bunch of jerks, then why bother with delays? Who cares if we inconvenience jerks and lose their business? Good riddance.

But y'all are the cream of the crop, the bee's knees, and a bunch of other superior analogies, so of course we'll go out of our way to deliver for ya!

Thanks so much for being so incredibly awesome that we'll go to any lengths to keep you happy! If you weren't, we wouldn't.

Danielle & the Outlaws

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