Fulfilling by emergency light

"It's a good thing we hired all these Burning Man folks and survivalists and campers." - Me, today

I'm not gonna lie: it has been really challenging to keep orders going out on time with the power outages, but our team has been SERIOUSLY awesome. They've been coming in and working by whatever light we can manage to find, whether that's emergency lights or daylight from the big roll-up door.

We're running generators, but they're not a long-term solution, and this is starting to look like a long-term problem. According to the CEO of PG&E, our electricity provider, this could go on for months (depending on weather), and this will be a seasonal issue for at least 10 years.

And workshop aside, the mental and emotional torture of this "will they? won't they?" with our home power is seriously taxing. Most of our employees don't have generators. Russ and I do have one little generator, but it's definitely not up to the task of powering our household (it struggles to boil water in an electric kettle). Yes, we're flexible and industrious people, but we've also become accustomed to modern luxuries like indoor heating and refrigeration.

This holiday season, we (and all the other small businesses in our region) could really use your support and encouragement. If you like our products, please take a moment to share them with your friends on social media or as a gift.

Thank you so much for bearing with us during this challenging time.

We'll continue to investigate Plans C through Z in our quest to bring you the absolute best and most kick-ass personal care products in the West.

In love & cleanliness,
Danielle Vincent

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