The Great American Review-off!


Every year, we make the humble request that if you love our products, you go write a product review on Amazon. And this time of year has rolled around again, so we again humbly ask for your sincere (hopefully praiseful) appraisal of our products.

Now, it's really important to us that we all have integrity around this, so we ask that you only leave a positive review if you truly love the product.

Every positive review causes our products to rise up in Amazon's all-powerful suggested shopping algorithm, so even a few words will do the trick.

Here are the products we'd love for you to review:

  • Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne - Our most popular product by far, it's a portable cologne designed to smell like the Wild West. It brings the confidence of an expert hired gun to your every moment.
  • Wild Life Gift Soap Set - This three-soap set is our most popular soap set during the holidays! It's a great gift and gives a taste (or a sniff?) of our best selling scents.
  • The Gambler Solid Cologne - With a bold scent inspired by bourbon, tobacco, and leather, The Gambler is a favorite among the sort of folks who enjoy a bourbon, neat, after a long day.

If you've tried those products and can give a review, we'd really appreciate it!

If you haven't tried those three products and still want to give us a review, you can find many of our products on Amazon here.

Thank you so much for your help on this, and for being such a kick-ass customer and friend.

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