Sagebrush to Sierra: Outlaw's Scented Love Letter to Nevada

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In case you haven't heard, Outlaw is based right in Nevada (in particular, in our Sparks workshop)! And like anyone else is, we're VERY inspired by our surroundings.

In the vibrant landscape of Sparks, Nevada, we've captured the essence of our most cherished adventures, distilling the memories that stir our spirits into every bottle.

And Sparks, Nevada is a miiighty fine muse.

Fire in the Hole captures the raucous joy of a Nevada bonfire under the stars, where laughter mingles with the sparks and the warm embrace of whiskey. It's the scent of camaraderie, of shared tales and unspoken bonds that only the desert night can forge.

Lust in the Dust is our serenade to the high desert's soul-stirring breezes, rich with sagebrush and sandalwood. It's the scent of open spaces that stretch to the horizon, where the heart finds its rhythm, and love is as vast as the playa itself.

Blazing Saddles is the essence of Nevada's legacy, a fragrance steeped in the lore of dusty trails and the smoky remembrance of campfires. It's the boldness of leather and gunpowder, a tribute to the adventurers and dreamers who have always called Nevada home.

And then there's Mountain Hideout, a scent as true and pure as the alpine forests of Mount Rose. It's the crisp air and the whispering pines, the quiet sanctuary where one can breathe deep and find peace.

To us, Nevada is more than just a place. It's a feeling, an experience, and a memory to cherish. With every scent from our collection, we invite others to share in the love we hold for the Silver State.

For locals and visitors alike, let these fragrances be your sensory guide to the heart of our community, a good smellin' link to the land we adore.

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